Pressure Washing Services

Pressure Washing Services

low pressure roof cleaningAs any homeowner will tell you part of owning a home is upkeep. Part of this upkeep includes pressure washing. Pressure washing is used to clean exteriors and concrete. It works by using a high-pressure water stream to spray down a treated surface. Often the surface to be cleaned is treated with chemicals or cleaning solutions. For proper cleaning of your driveway or many other services on or around your home, pressure washing is an ideal solution. As always consult a professional for proper cleaning services.

Roof and Home Cleaning  

By using low pressure washing you can make sure your roof is free from unsightly algae growth. Algae are damaging and can lessen your roof’s lifespan. By not cleaning your roof, repairs may be more frequently needed. Aside from causing damage roof algae also lessens the overall effectiveness of roofing.

What to Avoid

Cleaning services that use overly high pressure can damage your home’s exterior. Too much pressure can peel paint, break windows, and damage external fixtures. Also you don’t want high pressure blasts near your roof shingles as this causes roofing damage. Some pressure washing companies use non-pressure washing as a marketing technique. Avoiding overly damaging pressure is advisable, however, the other extreme is equally damaging. In replace for pressure washing these companies just use chemical treatments. It’s damaging to your roof to leave it soaking in harsh chemicals for hours at a time. While it saves the company money it damages the adhesives found in roofing. When this adhesive is damaged the structure of the roof itself breaks down.

Certain chemicals should also be avoided all together. Sodium hydroxide is used in several cleaning solutions but is unsafe for homes. It’s damaging to paint and strips it when applied to a surface. It is also dangerous to expose to humans as it causes severe chemical burns. In general overly harsh chemical use should be avoided. A safer process may require more time but it’s time you’d be wise to invest.

All in all good cleaning service strikes a balance. Use of pressure for a good cleaning is required but it should be kept in a safe range. Chemicals for cleaning should be used but they should be safe and not overly corrosive.

Driveway Cleaning

Cement can stain much like your home’s exterior. Cement is much harder to clean then it first appears. Using a high pressure water sprayed directly to your concrete driveway often results in unsightly streaks. Sadly the driveway looks as bad as it did before cleaning. A proper driveway cleaning is going to use a pressure washer surface cleaner. These cleaning devices resemble a home floor buffer. In use however they are far more powerful. They work by applying circular brushing, pressurized water, and safe cleaning chemicals to your driveway. The circular brushing motion is key because this allows for a deep clean. This also avoids the streaks caused by simply spraying concrete down with a high pressure water blast.

Finding the Best Service

As you’ve clearly seen pressure washing is an essential and a needed part of your home’s upkeep. If you’re seeking pressure washing services in the Jacksonville, FL area First Coast Home Pros is here to help. We are a family-owned and run business. We have been serving Jacksonville since 2008. Aside from pressure washing services, we offer air duct cleaning, screen repair, deck repair, gutter cleaning, housekeeping and general home cleaning services. We are customer focused and will work around your schedule for maximum convenience. Our goal is to be the best service company to ever enter your home. With our team of highly trained and well-equipped professionals, we will provide you with the highest level of service.


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